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French flag face paint - Paint for body and face

Decorate your body and face with French flags with this smart face paint stick.

Simply swipe it over your skin and paint the french flag in 2 seconds - Super easy!

The color is hypoallergenic and free from perfume and parabens. Contains 4.8g of colour.

The face paint stick is a must-have when you go to watch sports and cheer on the French national team, or for demonstrations where you want to show your support for France.

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French flag face paint - Paint for body and face

Show your support for France with flags on your cheeks

Paint French flags on your skin with a practical face color makeup stick.

The stick makes it easy to carry the face paint around with you to sports events, demonstrations or other occasions where you want to show your support or affiliation with France.

The container measures only 6cm and fits into most pockets or bags. Produced from recyclable materials.

After use, the face paint can be easily removed with soapy water or cleansing lotion.

The color is safe to use on both body and face, and is produced from primarily natural, fat-soluble ingredients.

Our face and body color is also produced without perfume and parabens.

The product complies with the applicable European and international legislation for cosmetics.
After opening, the product must be used within 24 months.


  • Paint French flags with one stroke
  • Safe color for body and face
  • Perfume-free and without parabens
  • Practical container
  • 4.8g color
  • Wash off with soapy water

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